August 4, 2014

The Slow Unwinding Gift of Island Time

"Island Time" ...some would say I operate on it all the time.  

I am, for whatever reason, time challenged. 

I used to blame it on my girlie.  I felt confident that it was all her doing, because before Motherhood I could get to places on time.  Early even. (Sometimes.) 

But since her arrival... well, not so much

Here's the thing though: She moved out and I am still not on time.  I am always running about 10 minutes behind schedule. I am working on this flaw.  It helps that I am an Artist. There seems to be grace for the way we tend to let things capture our attention for moments at a time.  Still, I really WANT to break this bad habit.

The difference between being late, and being on Island Time is that when you are on Island Time - there is no late!
(Wait, what? Is this the real life or is this fantasy... oops! See? Squirrel!)

Island Time offers us all a respite from all the noise and chaos and clamoring.  A little breaky to simply sit back, close your eyes, listen to the water lapping the shore and the seagulls laying claim from the skies.  

Island Time IS vacation

So, after too many days lined up in a row that pushed up and over the triple digit mark in this desert town, we headed for the water, looking for cooler air and a refreshing on a deeper level.  A little lay-back, slower-breathing, let-your-shoulders-fall-back-down-from-beside-your-ears, and just-REST time.

Thankfully my Sissy and her family live within driving distance, on an island... and this is the second time in about a month that we have escaped to exhale there this summer!

This Summer - where God is holding me close and holding me tight in this In Between space... I am finding gifts all around me as I let go... and rather than all the Leaning IN that I have been doing, He is calling me to just lay back... and this slow unwinding gift of Island Time is seeping down deep into my soul.  

Lisa-Jo wrote it recently - how the Internet is not the Boss of us, and God has been showing me that there is a season for all kinds of Bossy Lists and then there is a season IN BETWEEN and all I know for sure is that as I lay back, trust in Him, and count on... I am finding that Island Time is a state of mind and I refuse to let Busy or Bossy push me back to a hectic schedule... at least not until it is time!

For now... I continue on my 'vacation'... and I count one thousand gifts, and then one thousand more... and still, I count on with multitudes on Mondays (and everyday!) 

 #2102 - A Friday - fun-filled and spent with my girlie...

#2103 - Saturday morning on the patio... coffee, sunshine, reading, and prayer.

#2104 - Finding little pieces and accents to go in our Family Room as I prepare to redecorate! (I 'blame'/thank The Nesting Place by Myquillyn Smith! Non-affiliate link... it's just that good!)

#2107 - Google.  Seriously, ya'll!?  What did we ever do without Google?

#2108 - Helping my girlie paint furniture for her new place and decorate and hang pictures!

#2110 - Art... Art Journaling, a little sketching/illustrations, painting canvases (and my own furniture)... plus 2 new requests for prophetic art pieces in August for some online communities!

#2111 - Summertime Morning Walks... before it is crazy hot!

#2112 - Jazz in the Valley - Jazz festival with friends... a yearly tradition!

#2113 - Planning an overnight trip to Portland to connect with Alia and Ashley! #KeyWomen

#2115 - Mom's knee... healing after prayer and a little more exercise and stretching.  Enough to cancel her surgery! Praise God!

#2117 - A Road Trip to Whidbey... (My Honey going Camping with my Brother-In-Law, while my Sissy and I, well - don't go camping!)

#2118 - Sunset on Deception Pass Bridge... (and the moon! Gah!)

#2119 - Not being afraid at all to walk out on the bridge to capture those shots.  This is huge, ya'll! I have battled fear of water and heights for all of my days! I didn't even think of it!

#2120 - Beach town shops, clearance deals, necklaces with keys on them, and all things Aztec-y!

#2121 - The Amazing views along Ebey's Landing on Whidbey... a nice easy trail to walk along the bluff and on down to the beach!

Lookie, ya'll - I found a Bench!!!

#2122 - The visual reminder, yet again, that God is Big, and I am Small... Small, not Insignificant! There IS a difference!

#2123 - Walking the trail with my Sissy... we used to walk together several times a week when she lived just down the road from me!  

#2124 - Good, long talks.

#2126 - The Anacortes Art Festival... it is HUGE! ( Ice Cream for the win!)

#2127 - Discovering a new artist who's art makes you happy!

#2128 - Picnicking in the Oceanfront Park, walking along the water and the marina, and drawing in my sisters' backyard out in the country, amongst the trees, the chickens, and the bees. (They have chickens, yes - and my BIL is a beekeeper too!)

#2129 - JUMPING TANDEM Ticket... it's not until next May - but I am counting down already! (Are you going? If so - let me know in the comments below!)

#2130 - The Ferry ride home! (Gorgeous!)

#2131 - Unpacking and relaxing at home with my Honey... catching each other up on our Island Time weekend!  (He was camping, and I was - um - not!)

...and we count on!

Can I encourage you to lay back, sink in to a little Island Time mentality this summer and count your blessings, one by one... 

I pray you find make time to relax, sip on something refreshing and reflect back over your day - counting gifts and entering in to His rest*!

Let's all:

* - Referencing Hebrews 13 & 14

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  1. I leaned back and breathed deep with the beauty of these photos!! Just gorgeous!! Love you

    1. Thanks so much Jennifer! I know your link up is "No Words Needed" but you know how difficult that is for me! I love both words AND pictures! ;) Love you right back!

  2. Anonymous4:12 AM

    Getting back "on time" takes a lot of time! I got used to "African time" when I lived in Africa, which is similar to island time, except that it happens all the time....2 hours late to a work meeting? Not late at all! :) But it's taken me 8 months to get a little more used to American time, and I still struggle a lot. So I feel like you can definitely blame it on the girly! :D

    Those photos are beautiful, and it looks like Island time has done you a whole lot of good! It's a wonderful break from the busyness and schedules.

    1. LOL! Thanks for the permission to continue to blame my girlie! ;) It is wonderful - and necessary - to break from teh busyness and schedules! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  3. Anonymous6:51 AM

    Oh my word, the gorgeousness of these photos. I want to go on vacay with you, girl!! So glad you are leaning into this season of refreshment. Thanks for sharing island time with us at Testimony Tuesday.

    1. Oh my.... wouldn't that be fun? A little Island Time/Girlfriend getaway! Just the thought of if makes me slow a bit and smile wider! Love you girlie!

  4. Your photos are gorgeous. I was able to get back to the northwest and get some island time this summer and it was fabulous! The Pacific Northwest is not known for "island" time, but visiting the mountains and the beaches and soaking in the beauty is so restful for the spirit. Thanks for the reminder that it's OK to relax and enjoy!

    1. Carol, thanks so much for stopping by! Ah yes - the gorgeous PNW! It's just full of beauty and landscapes that beg for a little slowing down and refreshing! In fact, it's even more than OK to relax and enjoy - it's vital and necessary! Breathe deep, my friend! Enjoy a little Island Time wherever you are!

  5. Beautiful pictues.

  6. Love this post because I am an island girl and totally get what you are saying. I miss being in the island but life happens. And your photos are so gorgeous I felt instantly relaxed just looking at them.

    1. Maria - so glad you stopped by and, even if just for a moment, were able to relax and indulge in a little Island Time! #kindred

  7. What beautiful photos--thank you for sharing some island with me! I've only been to the San Juan Islands--but they are equally peaceful and thought-provoking. I'm glad you had a chance to unwind and enjoy the island :).

    1. Anita, yes - the San Juans are gorgeous too! (Close by to this island, actually!) So glad you stopped by for a little Island Time!

  8. love, love, love this post and "island time" along with your photos of several of your one thousand beautiful...just wanted to share this quote that a grief therapist taught me..."if you get there before it's over, you're not late"

    1. Beth, thanks so much for stopping by and enjoying a little Island Time with me, my friend! (And that quote! Nice! Thanks for that!) ;)

  9. I'm squarely in the if-I'm-not-ten-minutes-early-I'm-not-going-in camp. Totally inherited from my Daddy. Those men who honk for their women to leave -- totally turned around in my home. I drive myself crazy. Loved reading all your praises. And oh, your pictures were refreshing to look at. I feel like I've had a vacation just visiting here. ~Pamela

    1. Pamela, Oh how I wish I was in the ten minutes early crowd! I used to be... but I am learning to give myself grace (while still trying to break a bad habit!) - still, for now - on time is the goal! ;) Ten minutes early will come after that one is mastered! So thankful you stopped by and found a bit of refreshing!

  10. Oh, sweetheart. What gorgeous photos! I think they just get better and better. And your eye for gratitude and appreciation is so beautiful. I love how you've woven this: "This Summer - where God is holding me close and holding me tight in this In Between space... I am finding gifts all around me as I let go... and rather than all the Leaning IN that I have been doing, He is calling me to just lay back." Ahh, this makes me want to breathe deep and let go of more myself. Cannot wait to see you, love!

    1. TWO MORE WEEKS!!!! I can not even contain myself! Love you big, sweet friend! (and see you soon! Yay!) xoxo

  11. You're a Pacific Northwest Girl too! I'm from Portland. I would love some island time judging by your beautiful photos! We're neighbors at Barbie's this week.

    1. Elizabeth, I am! I am a PNW Girl too! I think everyone could use a little Island Time from time to time! (or season to season!) Thanks so much for stopping by!


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