March 8, 2012

Experiencing the Father's Embrace (Book Review... sort of)

It's been awhile again... we are loving attending Soar (BSSM satellite school)and all that the Lord is opening up to us. If I had to sum up in one word what we have learned so far - it would be Risk... but that is another post! I simply wanted to let you know that we are still alive and kicking... pressing in to the Kingdom. We had to read Jack Frosts' "Experiencing the Father's Embrace" and write up a book report. However, after our Firestorm weekend with Kevin Dedmon it seems there is a LOT of Creativity stirred up and we were encouraged to - well - be more creative in our reports. Paint a picture... write a poem... sing a song... (or write a book report! LOL!)

Well - because I truly do love to write I thought I would write out of a time of worship. So I logged on to Mike Bickel’s International House of Prayer for some live soaking music and sat back… just breathing... waiting… being loved on.

Within minutes – they were singing about the knowing the Beauty of His heart and all of the sudden, I could ‘see’ Jesus standing before me, smiling. His eyes of love intoxicating… His smile loving and inviting… the joy on His face contagious – and somehow while He looked at peace and focused on me – I noticed that His hands were busy. I looked down and could see Him reaching in to my heart – right through this shadow of flesh. He was digging around, looking at what was in there. I could feel no pain – just shifting… He would pull something out – look at it, laugh or nod, and put it back. Other things He would pull out and stretch out His hand behind Him and hand off to the Father. I never saw exactly what those things were… so after He was seemingly elbow deep in my heart and pulled something else out and was about to hand it off, I asked what it was. He showed me a simple ring. Nothing too fancy. He could see the confusion on my face and He said, “Sometimes, my love, you make covenant with things that are not worthy of you. You come into agreement with things that are not pleasing to Us.” Up until that moment I really was not concerned that He was digging around in my heart. I was simply overjoyed to have Him so close to me. But suddenly – I was self conscious and hesitant to see what He was pulling out. He just smiled and said, “It’s ok my dear… nothing is too difficult for Us. Our covenants are forever… Our promises are Yes and Amen! Anything short of what is best for you, I will simply remove! The more you come to Me, and allow My presence to fill you, and my Love to fill you up – the less you will be tempted to make covenant with something counterfeit or less than! The power of your agreement… the power of your words… the attitude of your heart – these are vital areas to keep aware of as you fill up to pour out! Think of this as a little check up! A Well check, if you will. We want you to be filled with Our best for you – so you will pour out the best that we have for others! This is the beauty of your heart to Us – and the beauty of Our heart to you!”

This is what I learned – or was reminded of – while reading “Experiencing the Father’s Embrace” by Jack Frost. When we keep a short account with Him… His love is much more available to flow through us. When we are willing to guard our tongues and attitudes of the heart, we are more likely to be His words and His heart to others around us. The choice is ours… sometimes we make it (or make ‘covenant’) unaware and other times it is defiantly on purpose! We must learn to give up our right to be right (even when we are!) and value relationship instead! Jesus is our example… and for us – He gave His all!

In the vision, I remembered letting Jesus continue reaching into my heart… the next thing He brought out, looked at and began to put back, I asked to see. It was a gorgeous signet ring… bright and shiny with a crown above the diamond setting. “This,” He said, “is a good Covenant!” and He placed it back where He had found it!

I am once again determined to meet with Him and allow Him full access to my heart! Only He can reach in, examine the true motives and intents, and decide what can stay – and remove what needs to go! I remember a few years ago, He showed me a sheep pen and the gate around it… there was a weak spot and He was building it up – He looked right at me and said – you MUST remember, to the enemy – Access is ALWAYS denied! I began to incorporate that into my prayers and saw power released. So I love that here, He has reminded me that I have the choice… I can also deny Him access to all that is in my heart – but that is not a wise choice! To the Lord – we give FULL ACCESS – and in doing that, we get to experience the Father’s embrace!

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