January 10, 2009

Happy New Year... a bit late - but still heartfelt!

It is true... I know I am a bit late in wishing you all a very Happy New Year - but it does come from my heart! Life is good and our holidays were wonderful... relaxing and full of family and friends... focused on all the things that matter most!

It's been a bit trickier this year to get back to a normal schedule - and I am blaming that on my lack of a new Day Planner! I know that doesn't really make sense, but at least until I buy one - that is my excuse!

I wonder what your expectations are for this New Year? I have never really been one to make Resolutions but the older I get the more I enjoy the idea of a whole new start... a clean slate... a new year full of promise and opportunities! For me this year, I am expecting big things... personally I am hoping to finally get direction and move forward in finishing up a book or two. I also am believing God for a new home. We are happy where we are at and have been here for a long time... it is home. However, as our daughter gets older I would love to have a bit more room to have that house full of teenagers on any given day... we have room now - but I believe God could give us more space, with more parking...

On a bigger level, I am really and honestly expecting more Red Letter Parts to be active and seen in my life... His Kingdom come - on earth, as it is in Heaven! This is my hearts desire... I think going through the Bill Johnson book, The Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind is helping to stir up faith in me... this book is great - and the group of ladies that are going through it with me are amazing!

I pray your New Year is full of promise and opportunities and that you have a group of people who are like-minded to fellowship with and grow with - and step out in faith with! If you do - you, like me, are blessed... if you don't - pray with me for this and watch and see the Lord come through for you!

His desire is to bless you and cause you to grow... He too desires to see more 'Red Letter Parts' active and apparent in this world of ours!

Expecting with you,

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