November 13, 2007

"Is that enough?"

It seems this is the question that the Lord keeps asking me...
"Is that enough"... or in other words, "Am I enough?"
Now, we can all get holy & religious
& say that we would always say yes.
But in truth - while we know that we SHOULD say yes,
& we know that He SHOULD be enough...
there are times, or situations, or circumstances
where, in all honesty,
we hesitate in giving our answer.

It's okay... He KNOWS that we are going to hesitate...
He knows that that very question
is what we are battling with
even when we are unaware of it!
It's in His Grace & Mercy that he calls us out on it
& causes us to remember that if He is NOT enough,
then something is off balance in our lives & priorities
- because, in all realty,
He is not just enough - He is our everything!
Whatever we have or are blessed with comes from Him...
every blessing, every victory,
every ounce of forgiveness & every drop of grace
- it all comes from Him.

And yet, we get so caught up in the Daily part of our lives,
that we can forget the bigger picture.
We can forget that these blessings we live with
are extra... not required.
Now, don't get me wrong,
I am still a Word Faith girl
& I strongly believe in God's desire
to pour out blessings & cause us to prosper. I really do!
But I think we can tend to lose focus
on what 'Prosperous' really means.

I can honestly say that I am amazingly prosperous...
in all areas of my life.
Does my bank account reveal this to the natural world?
No... not even close!
Does what I drive or where I live attest to this fact?
However, I am rich in all things important!
I live my life in a constant state of thankfulness
and I live at peace, as much as is possible, with all men.
Could I use more?
More business, more money, more opportunities,
more... (fill in the blank)?
You betchya!
Do I NEED more?
Does more always mean better?
Absolutely not!

A few weeks ago, while at prayer...
the Lord began to remind me of this question "Is that enough"
in regards to the conference I attended, selling my creations.
I blogged about it in September I believe.
He asked me if I was to not sell anything,
but I knew that He was pleased with me, would that be enough!
Even in that simple question
surrounding that unimportant situation,
I hesitated!?
I mean - I wanted to know why He would call me to do something
& then not bless it...
but sure - knowing He was pleased with my efforts
- even if I was not able to 'prosper' from it all - was enough!
It really was... is... enough!
What more can we ask but to know that we are pleasing to Him?

He went on to say, "Much like in the conference
when I asked you if it was enough that I was pleased...
much like that, I want you to know
I am so pleased with you.
I was there in that room with you
& it blessed Me to watch you lay hands on Kevin
& to hear you pray.
It blessed Me & I am pleased with you. Is that enough?"

Huh!? sigh...
Well that was an emotional one-sided conversation!
I did MORE than hesitate.
I mean - yes - it was enough!
It IS enough!
I am at peace about that whole situation
& I know that that experience will not be in vain.
It has stirred me up even more
& I will not back down.
But, to have this visual of God with me in that room
(which I KNEW He was!?)
& to be able to visualize Him standing next to me
listening & watching & waiting...
it was too much!
I knew He was in the room...
I felt His presence & I knew He was with us...
& yet - the confirmation of that fact,
& the fact that He did in fact hear my prayer...
it was just too much.
I wanted to go back & remind Him
that I had unanswered questions about that
& that I wanted to know the Why's & the How Come's...
But once again, He gently lovingly reminded me
that He does not answer to me.
I am not the boss of Him...
as much as I would like to be sometimes!
So - instead of bombarding Him with those same questions,
I hesitated...
I actually breathed in and sort of held it for awhile...

And I believe that it is the space, the measure of time that passes
in the midst of our hesitation
- no matter if that lasts a mere split second,
or a few days... or longer
- it is in that space -
that I see God at work.
He is pruning & planting at the same time.
Me, and you!
We are living in a time where we will not have
the luxury of hesitation,
the luxury of beating around the bush.
Those days are over... for us, & for the Lord!

No matter what comes at us,
we must move forward in boldness
& know that no matter what, He is enough!
We must decide NOW, beforehand,
that we choose to Trust in Him in all situations.
We are living in a time where the Lord is done
hinting around at things and He is approaching us,
and calling us to approach others, in boldness.
In LOVE, yes... but in love with BOLDNESS!
Our time is short... and there is much to do in the Kingdom!

So - whatever you are facing today... or tomorrow...
Is Jesus enough for you!? Honestly - is He enough!?

More to come...

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