September 11, 2006

We will Always Remember!!!


Just the power of SEEING that date written out stirs something within each of us...

Sometimes fear, sometimes hope...
sometimes vengeance and anger, and sometimes numbness and regret...
but always, it seems, it stirs up sadness and a sense of Loss.

I am in my 30's - I have ever lived to hear of older generations talking about where they were when Pearl Harbor was hit or where they were when Kennedy was shot... well - this is my generations Moment in History where things changed in an instant and we were all affected. All of us. We only felt more helpless, removed and at a safer distance if we did not live in New York or Pennsylvania, or D.C. - but we did not feel strong, protected, or safe that day at all.

In one moment, America was changed.

However - I must say - that in the end - she was not changed the way the Terrorists intended! We were not crippled in fear and cowering helplessly waiting for yet another attack. We were shaken - but not crumbling down to our foundation.

There are moments from 9/11 and the days that followed that will forever be a part of me. Things that I know now will never be the same.

Where was I when the world stopped turning?

I was getting up out of bed and trying to get my little one ready for school. This new schedule of school in the MORNINGS was not a routine yet (it's still not?!) and so I was trying to wake up my little one yet again when our phone rang. It was one of my husbands high school friends... calling to tell me that it was the end of the world. You have to know that at the time - I hadn't had any news on yet and the thing is, Kevin would OFTEN call with questions about the Bible or the end times... and so I was not immediately alarmed. He told me he was serious - that World War 3 may have just started and to turn on the TV.

So - I did... I turned it on to see the replay of the first plane hitting the Twin Tower... it seemed it was unreal - surely it was a horrible mistake... and then - moments after falling into a kitchen chair in disbelief, the second plane came in fast approaching - seemingly on purpose and right on target... we all know what unfolded next!

I prayed of course - immediately - as did many in this great country! Many who never had cried out to God found themselves crying out on that day... many who had long forgotten the God of their childhood once again found their faith and joined in prayer to cover this nation! I also prayed about what to do with my daughter... how could I possibly send her to school when all of this is going on and when the future - literally the coming minutes and hours - were so uncertain?! I prayed and decided that a sense of normalcy would be best for her and we took her to class and came back home, dazed and planning a day in front of the live streaming news. Little did I know it would be the last day of normalcy for her... a bit of innocence for MANY went down with those planes and buildings on that Tuesday morning...

No more will we ever hear a loud jet fly over our home without having our child attached to us at the hip - even now - five years later and her being much taller - she is immediately by my side. We do not live in fear - but that is a sound that the enemy has confiscated to use to torment and terrorize us even further!

The next day - I was sad and surprised to find that I couldn't find our American Flag - so - along with 100s of 1,000s of other Americans - I went out and purchased a Flag and proudly displayed it. 

I can't remember hearing any patriotic song since 9/11 that hasn't brought tears to my eyes!

Then again - it seems like it has been awhile since I have seen so many flags and so much American Pride... we say we won't forget - and we DO need to move forward - to heal and to grow... but our prayer today should be this:

Lord - let us not forget! Let us not forget what that day cost this nation - this people - this freedom! Let us remember to HONOR those who knowingly or unknowingly laid down their lives for us on that day and the days that followed... Let us pray for our leaders and our servicemen and women... let us thank our Firemen and Police Men and Emergency workers for their service - everyday... because one day - we may not get the chance to thank them!

Let us take a moment today - this day - and remember... on purpose...

We pray blessings on those who experience this day so much more personally than the rest of the country - we acknowledge that as public as this tragedy was and is - it is by far more tragic for you...

May God bless us all - and May God bless America!

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  1. Eleven years ago - a lot has happened since then BUT we all will remember where we were when life as we knew it, changed. xo


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