June 20, 2006

Watch & See

I have not written in awhile... summer has officially come to our household and all my normal routines are out the window for awhile! It's a nice change and one I relish on my porch swing in the morning while the kids are still asleep, or in the afternoon when I get to play along with whatever games they are up to... there is extra laughter & cuddles & joy! (...& extra noise, & mess, & 'boredom' it seems?!)

I must confess, however, that in this Season I find I must discipline myself that much more to hear clearly from the Lord and not get caught up in all my daily living! The last time I was at Prayer, I had a vision of two angels - both standing guard inside our meeting place, one at each door... One was a Warrior Angel - in full battle wear, and the other was a Worshipper, gentle & emotional in his worship. I noticed at the time that as one would stand tall - drawing his Sword up over his head and seemingly battling in the spirit, the other would bow down in prayer. Then - the Warrior would bow down and the Worshipper would stand tall and lift his hands toward heaven, and do his warring by singing out praises to the King! I was awed to notice that at all times, the Angels had their Wings spread open, which created a covering over all of us at the meeting. I heard in my spirit the Lord's voice and He said, "I am about to Draw a Line in the Sand... watch and see..." I felt that the significance was not so much in the line drawn - as it was in the tag team efforts of the Angels at hand... moving from warring, to worshipping, and back again - mixing in prayer! Therein lies the key. I believe that there is a Shaking that is happening now - within the church... Truths we would have fought for yesterday are now being revealed to be no truth at all... beliefs we held to strongly with all of our hearts are now having light shed upon them - as well as more Grace from God... We are being tried and tested to see if what we SAY we believe, is truly what we act upon in the midst of shaking.

I honestly believe that now is the time that the enemy will attempt to sneak into your thoughts at a faster pace and try to re-enact Job over this generation! We MUST, in this hour, take up our Shield of Faith... put on the whole Armor of God - and stand firm against the spirit of fear. What Job greatly feared came upon him. Did it go through the Lord's hand? Of course! He had faith in Job's faith in Him... God knew Job would fair well in the end... but it was Job's fear that brought on the onslaught and opened the door of access to the enemies request and attacks!

Shaking is coming - yes - but do not give place for fear! When you feel shaken - Praise Him! Remind yourself of times past where God has shown up for you and proven Himself Faithful! Get into the Word of God and stir up those memory verses from long ago... read them aloud and stand firm on their foundation!

The voice of the Lord said, "Watch and See". I do not think He is simply going to be satisfied to Draw that line and see us rise up to not be pushed back... I am quite certain that within His plan - He has some 'recovering-stolen-land' in mind! I believe that once we rise up and stand firm, we will be called to not be on the defensive in this battle - but to march forward, taking back the land in an offensive battle against the devil himself!

Rise Up! Watch & See! War & Worship! ...Oh, and don't forget to PRAY!
Standing with you in Him,

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