January 8, 2019

A New Series... Going through the book of Colossians together in 2019!

Hello there, friends!

After revealing the Prophetic Phrase and Book in the Bible I felt the Lord was highlighting for 2019, I mentioned it would be a bit quieter around here as I healed from a couple of eye surgeries.

As I am healing and praying and purposing to spend some time in the book of Colossians this year, I felt the Lord nudge me to do something new around this little corner of the interwebs!

Enter, a new series:

Twice a month (-ish... because you know me and how life can go!), we will read a verse or two of Colossians together and ponder the Truth the apostle Paul wrote out for us... (and for the believers in Colossae, sure!)

The goal is to go slow... to encourage some Community in the Comment section for you all to participate in as well, and to get through the entire book, a few verses at a time, by the end of the year!

Now, if y'all happened to listen to our Changing Our Minds podcast where my girlie and I read through the Christmas story according to the Gospel of Luke, then you know we're not so much Bible Scholars.

I mean... we know the Word and we have gone through some training and we were associate pastors for a while. But the goal of this series is to simply read a couple of verses at a time, maybe dig a little into the language, and let the Lord speak to us through it.

Each post will include the text in one or more translations, as well as my thoughts on it and maybe a few deeper truths or meanings found there. We will close with a little prayer where I encourage you, the reader, to pray along too and lean in and listen for what God may be highlighting for you in the verses!

See? Easy Peasy!

So whether or not you are a tried and true Bible Study goer or new to reading the Word and haven't gone through this epistle (letter) written by Paul found in the New Testament yet... I think as we meet each other here, we'll encounter God through this series! At least, that is my prayer!


Today was simply the announcement of the series and a super short Introduction to the letter written to the Colossian church. So, let's dive in...

Listen, when I felt the Lord impress Colossians on my heart to focus on this year, I'm not gonna lie! I was super excited! I love this book and it is so packed full of great stuff... and sure, Proverbs is great too! (Last years' book!) But man... Colossians is so full of truth and hope and purpose --and some AMAZING PRAYERS! Y'all know my heart and my bent towards Prayer and this stirs my spirit up so much!

The Apostle Paul penned this letter to the believers in Colossae while in prison.  He had never met them in person or spent time in their town, but he had heard plenty about their faith and felt led to write some Truth that he felt they were in need of being reminded of! 

Isn't that so often us, too? 

We KNOW the Truth... 
--wait for iiiiit...--
it's just that sometimes we forget!

It is not lost on me that one of the themes of this book in the Bible is the Hope of Glory and last year the phrase the Lord gave me was that the Hiding Place of His Glory would be revealed... In other words, it's time, people!

Also, not lost on me is the fact that Paul wrote this while imprisoned... and yet, this book is so full of hope and joy, it is reminding me that our circumstances don't HAVE to (or get to!) boss us around and decide on our level of hope or joy! As Paul was writing this letter, I could see how it was stirring his faith and reminding him of Christ - the hope of Glory and how he abides in us and is with us --everywhere, at all times, through all things... (forever and ever, Amen! Right?

Pauls' intent in writing to the Colossians was to remind them to keep Christ central... to not let others convince them that He can be minimized or pushed aside. Humanism (which led to Gnosticism) was on the rise and many were being influenced toward not believing (or at least not living like) Christ is the Head of the church!  He wrote to them as a Father in the faith, reminding them of truths they knew --but seemed to not be living out or holding onto tightly!

There are a few major themes we'll dig into while going through this book, as pointed out by Brian Simmons in The Passion Translation:  

They are:
The Supremacy and Centrality of Christ. 
The Body of Christ. 
The True Gospel. 
The Christian Life.

So there you have it!

Those are some great truths... and they remind me of the prophetic phrase that God whispered to me on New Years' Eve... that His desire was to Saturate us with His Goodness this year! 

I am convinced that as we read through these verses and (re)discover the powerful truths of Christ in us, the Hope of Glory, we truly will be saturated with His goodness! 

We are going to have some fun! Remember, we're not in a hurry! We will be back at the end of the month and we'll begin with Colossians 1:1-2.

I hope you'll join in with me throughout this series and feel free to chime in in the comment section of each post!

Colossians Series Landing Page:

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  1. We decided to change up our 'regular' of reading through the Bible with the following: 1) A Psalm every day 2) A devotional book reading and 3) A few verses from the Pauline Epistles. You guessed - we started with Colossians. It is SO rich!!!! Love this.

    1. I love this so much!!! (It's SUPER packed, isn't it?) I'm sure we will read through it several times this year, but I'm looking forward to going slow on the blog, just a couple of verses at a time!

  2. Colossians is packed full of so much goodness. Excited to read along with you friend.

    1. Right? It's gonna be fun! I'm glad you'll be around, sharing your insights and wisdom too!

  3. Colossians is such a good book, but then all of them are. :) I would love to read along with you but I'm already doing some other Bible studies so I'll see how it goes. Blessings to you, dear Karrilee! xo

    1. No worries and no pressure! Like I said --we're keeping it slow and steady, a verse here and there... stop by any time, my friend! Blessings to you, too! xoxo

  4. Wonderful study! Hoping to read along with you, and rejoice in HIS greatness!

  5. After reading your new year post, I immediately sat down and read Colossians. My old Bible is so full of margin notes so it will be fun to study with you and add some insights of my own. 2019 The Year of God's Favor and Goodness! xo

    1. Yay!!! Favor and Goodness... I'm down with BOTH of those things this year! xoxo (And super excited for you to share your wisdom here, as well!)

  6. Colossians. the Supremacy of Christ! Love this book so much and all that it teaches. Well worn pages in my Bible around these transformational passages.

    1. Amen!!! It's so rich! Thanks so much for stopping by Karen! Happy New Year!

  7. I like the emphasis on changing our MINDS...It is an act of our will to welcome HIS power as 'we are transformed by the renewing of our minds.' Deciding to be thankful, even when we are truly/really irritated or inconvenienced by circumstances, is the only way for me to be free from pending anxiety or bitterness at times! Thanking Jesus as HE is always so patient with me when I resist being thankful! Because He Loves Us Best...Sheila Dean


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