October 6, 2016

DAY SIX - Press In and Learn His Voice!

It's always right around Day Six in October that I feel the need to check in with my readers and see how y'all are doing? 

If you're a regular around here, then you have come to know that October brings a crazy increase in posting (31, to be exact!) while our normal posts are more like two or three times per week! I promise we will get through October and go back to normal... so hang tight, and remember if you are a subscriber, you get one email over the weekend sent directly to your inbox with the full week of posts so you won't miss a thing and can read them at your leisure!

If you are new here... welcome! I am so thrilled that you are joining me for this series, 31 Days of Life Happens... and so We Pray!


This week we are focusing on our relationship with God in prayer and yesterday I stated that it turns out, I was praying long before I knew Who I was praying to! I mentioned how there is no 'right' or 'wrong' way to pray... as long as you are pressing in to prayer! I talked about how once I truly met Jesus, I began to tap in to the rhythm of His heart and prayer was the conversation that opened up between us!

Today we are going to talk a bit more practically about what it means or what it looks like to press in and the importance of learning to hear His Voice!

In our Microwave Mentality world of wanting it and wanting it now... pressing in and learning His Voice can feel counter-cultural and like maybe it's taking too long, or worse yet, it's just not working!

You see, it can not be rushed.

I mean, I wish sometimes... but God is always quick to remind me that He doesn't answer to me, so trying to boss Him around is pointless (other than how I am certain it entertains Him!)

When Life Happens... -- and it does, for all of us! -- it can feel like an emergency and we can act a bit like the Veruca Salt. ("I want it all and I want it NOW!) 

But here's the thing about how God is not ever (ever, ever!) in a rush: 

He's not bound to time as we know it and He sees the beginning AND the end and He is constantly at work in front of and behind the scenes to work all things together for your good.

That can be hard to believe... when things are not working out yet.  When things appear to be all over and what we wanted... what we prayed for and hoped for and cried out for isn't what came to be... it's hard to grasp that somehow, even then, He is able to work it out and make it good.

We forget that we see from a limited perspective of the here and now but He offers us a glimpse from somewhere Higher, when we press in.

I think Pressing In or, in old school terms, 'praying through' is an art and we learn it by both practicing and being willing to stay --and to stay in faith, when the temptation is to run in fear or disappointment instead!

When Life Happens... we posture ourselves to be like the widow in the Gospel of Luke... we stand our ground and fight against the enemy of justice while at the same time, we remind God of His Word... of His promises... of His very nature and we determine to be persistent!

This is what it means and what it looks like to Press In! 

Websters defines Persistence like this:
: the quality that allows someone to continue doing something or trying to do something even though it is difficult or opposed by other people
: the state of occurring or existing beyond the usual, expected, or normal time
When Life Happens, --when hard things are thrown right at us, we lean in to God, trusting that He will cover us... that He will be our shield and buckler... that He will go before us and be our rearguard.  

Sometimes that manifests right away and the answer comes quickly. (Praise God and Hallelujah!

However, sometimes the answers don't rush in and we can get a little discouraged and panicky!  It's in those times that we have to choose!  We have to choose to have faith and be fierce... or to let fear come in and let doubt have his way with us.

We have to choose to be persistent... to press in, opening the Word and reciting it back to the God who leans in and listens to the cries of our hearts! He does... He cares... and He is waiting to partner with you!

How I wish there was a magic formula or a secret passageway to unlock all the Yes and Amens for every prayer... --Only, the longer I walk with Him the more I see glimpses from that higher perspective and the more I know and understand that sometimes --well, all of the times, He knows better. 

And more than Yes to all my prayers, I want Faith and Trust to know that He is good even when it seems the answers are one No after another, and 'good' is not an adjective I would necessarily pick for Him in that moment!

I remember when my brother got a Stage 4 diagnosis... Life Happened to us all over the place and immediately, we moved in to prayer.  We had to actually set up some boundaries as to who we would allow to speak in to the situation at that time because if they were not lining up with persistent faith in prayer, we couldn't let the enemy get a foothold in with fear and doubt. We longed for an easy answer and the whole thing wrapped up happy with a bow on top. But he had to battle and battle hard. The answer came... but persistence had it's way with us.

When our girlie was making less than brilliant choices... Life Happened and we ran to God in prayer.  We determined to speak life... to be love... to shine on.  We loved and showered grace and cried out to the Lord for mercy and wisdom and oh my how we wanted immediate answers of Yes and Amen! Again... persistence had its' way with us and the answers to our prayers came... some were yes and some were no - but all were drenched in His goodness. (But we couldn't always see it at the time!)

When we said our crazy yes and started a new work in our hometown and have felt at times in way (way, way, way!) over our heads... Life Happened and we bowed our hearts and our wills and our own thoughts of how we thought some things should go and we prayed.

In all of our praying, we have learned to not do all of the talking.  And in our pressing in, we have learned to listen for His voice. 

Most often it is still, small, quiet... Which means in the midst of the noise and the chaos of Life Happening, we must learn to be still, be small, be quiet and in that space, He meets us --every. single. time.

It's not always with a Yes... but He always meets us, and showers us with Grace and assures us that He can be trusted! He is true to His promises... true to His Word.

He really WILL work all things together for our good... somehow. 

Some how, in the end, He will!

If it's not worked out for your good yet, then it's not over!

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Tomorrow is Friday and around here, that usually means a Five Minute Friday post... and once again, we're going to just see how this works out! My plan is to write with the #fmfparty tribe on Thursday nights for these Friday posts and hope and pray that the One Word Prompt will work for our theme! Come by tomorrow and see how we do!


  1. And all things work together for his good. It can be so easy to forget that when things don't go our way.

    1. Right? I think it's so great to remember that if it isn't for our good yet, then it's not over! We may not see how He did it -or even THAT He did it, on this side of Heaven. But I think He wants us to see it! So glad you practiced some self care last night, friend! So important!

  2. Thanks Kerrilee! I really needed to hear this today. In the middle of life with 2 teen boys and Life Happens everyday. Lol! I needed the reminder that God is working it out. Thanks for your words!

    1. Amen! Praying for your boys... and for your Mama heart, too! xoxo


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