October 15, 2016

DAY FIFTEEN - Life Happens... Praying for Our Family and Friends

Happy Saturday, sweet readers!

Hopefully, if you've been reading along, you have figured out that this weeks' theme was all about the different important relationships in our families. We talked about Marriage and Parenting Littles and Not So Littles, and Parenting Teens.  We talked about how Life Happens within each of these unique connections and how our best first response is always turning to God in prayer. 

Prayer invites God in to the heart of your relationships and gives Him room to speak, to heal, to restore, and to revive!

Now who couldn't use that?

While this Saturday post is supposed to be set aside as a Wrap Up of sorts, I wanted to touch on our Extended Family and Friends and on how prayer is powerful and needed in growing those relationships, too!

We all have been blessed with family of some kind, right?

And I am sure we have all had moments when 'blessed' may not be the word we would choose to describe them, yes?

We are all dysfunctional and we don't always put the 'fun' in it.  

We all have a longing... a desire for a place to belong... a place to feel at home in our own skin and to not have to hold up masks or to pretend that everything is fine when it is not. Because sometimes --for all of us, sometimes things are not fine!

Sometimes friends or family members hurt us or let us down. 

Sometimes unforgiveness runs deep and if we don't deal with it, it can turn into bitterness.  Bitterness takes root down far below the surface and creates havoc in ways we don't always recognize.  

Sometimes misunderstanding and mis-(or lack of)-communication builds walls and creates distance and before we know it, the silence is thick and there is no way to cross over and bridge the gap.

Relationships are hard, man. 
They just are.

But our God, who is Three in One, is at His very core - community! His desire for relationship is strong and He will go to any and all lengths to win your heart and capture your attention and to be in relationship with you.

Our relationship and connection with Him truly is the most important one.  So of course I encourage you to check in with Him... make sure you are good... that there is no distance, no bitterness, no walls built up between you and Him! (If there is... I promise you, Jesus IS the bridge... He is the One that can reach you and heal you and draw you near once again!)

But beyond our connection to God, our relationships that are closest to us... those matter to God, as well! 

Whether it be your parents, your siblings... grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles... or maybe you are not super close to your family but you have friends who feel more like family. 

Jesus loves us through each other.  

He desires to bless our friendships and speak to us and through us... to hug and laugh and cry with us and He does this most often through our friends and family.  

You've heard it said that we are the only Jesus some people will ever see.  We are His hands and feet... His voice and arms pulling close... we are His tears and compassion... His heart breaking and love surrounding... we are His fierce protection, His justice, and His mercy. 

So of course, right? OF COURSE the enemy sets his sights on our personal relations and he plans to stir up all kinds of trouble and hurt and division.  That's sort of his game.  To divide and conquer. To lie and convince... to remind you of old hurts and sharp words that have often times already been forgiven. But if he can get us to remember, to camp out there and relive the hurts... well, he gets a foot in the door and before we know, he has made himself right at home.

Oh he is a master of reminding us of our pasts... of how our own people let us down, shut us out, and turned their backs on us. He screams accusations and mistrust and he picks at old wounds, twisting truth and history and distorting emotions.  He builds walls with thick scars and thick silence... and his end goal is isolation.

But this is the thing, friends:

God is FOR our relationships.  

He is relational and passionate about loving us and about our loving each other. He never wants us to isolate... He is always wanting us to be in community. We are supposed to be known... to be set apart, by how we love.

He desires healthy friendships and family connections for us. After all, Family is His idea. He calls Himself our Father... and when Life Happens and we unknowingly give access to the devil, we open the door and invite him in. We fall for his trickery and slight of hand. We are easily fooled into feeling all of our feelings, instead of tapping in to how Jesus feels and letting His Love lead us.

So when Life Happens in your family or within your friendships, let me encourage you to pray.  Turn to your good, good Father and ask Him to bring healing and truth... to give clarity and mercy... to pour out wisdom and grace!  And then ask Him how to be a conduit of His healing, truth, mercy and grace to those you love. Ask Him how to bridge the gap and offer forgiveness or an apology... how to take your responsibility in what was said or what went wrong and how to move forward, together.

I think Together is one of His favorite words. Our God is all about being Together and being with and for each other.

Next week, we are diving into prayers for healing... some hurts and conflicts will require a bit of that before we can move on together.  We'll press in a bit and pray together for all kinds of healing. 

If you're in need of healing, or if you have a testimony of healing, please come back and participate with us! Let's storm heaven and expect some miracles, breakthroughs, and healing testimonies as the week unfolds!

Tomorrow, we will once again lean in to some Listening Prayer... I hope to see you then.

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  1. This is filled with hope and perspective. I have really been aware lately of how much strain is placed on relationships for the sole purpose of discord and sending us into isolation.
    And yet like you said God loved togetherness.
    Great post.

    1. Thanks, Somer! Yes... the enemy is crafty but he's not very creative! I think when we remember this truth about how he attempts to sow discord... it helps us to purpose to show grace and be love with more intention and it takes the wind out of the enemys' sails. Thanks so much for stopping by!

  2. I love that God blessed our friendship. We were indeed created to be in relationship with each other. Love ya!

    1. Yes and Amen and Thank God for the interwebs! xoxo

  3. I love this truth!

    "Prayer invites God in to the heart of your relationships and gives Him room to speak, to heal, to restore, and to revive!"

    This is so what I need right now healing and restoration in my home. Thank you again, so much for this series. <3 you friend!


    1. Jolene, I went to bed last night praying for you, and woke up praying still! Believing He is at work within you and your family... please do feel free to email or facebook pm me if you would like specific prayer --but no pressure! Rest assured, I am praying either way! xoxo

  4. Karilee I so needed this encouragement and perspective today as I deal with difficult circumstances. When we have to love from afar, it is easy to lose hope and believe that our prayers for family are falling on deaf ears. And then God sends those to remind us of the truth...like you friend...thank you!!

    1. Oh yes... that praying through the miles can get tiresome, friend! We don't know or can't see if our prayers are making a difference... but rest assured, they are --because He IS at work! Praying with you for family near and far! Blessings!


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