October 18, 2015

31 Days of Truths We Know... Kind - Day EIGHTEEN

Happy Sunday, sweet readers!

Maybe you are noticing a trend here... a routine... a simple short post, featuring a video/song off of Amanda Cook's newest CD, Brave New World. 

I am absolutely loving the STORY that this CD tells!

I didn't mean to only feature Amanda Cook this month, but I just can't quit this CD!

The lyrics... the instruments... the official videos... just so good!

"You are not a tyrant king
You do not delight in suffering 
Your power doesn’t compensate for insecurity 
Cause you are not a tyrant king 

You are not an angry man
You do not treat us with contempt
Your voice is sure 
Your eyes are soft 
Your smile confident 
Cause you are not an angry man

You are kind

Your love is a fury all its own
Sweeping the dust and turning feet towards home
Carrying the orphans and resetting broken bones
Cause your love is a fury all its own

You are kind

Your love is powerful enough 
Without the fear of punishment "

I'm not sure about you... but me? Well... in the midst of a struggle or a storm, I can forget that He is kind. I can forget that He does not cause these things and He does not punish like we would punish. 

No... He is Kind and His Love is powerful...

It's just that sometimes I forget!

 Today is Day Eighteen of 31 Days of Truths We Know...! If you missed the kick-off and official 'Home page' for this series, you can go HERE and catch up! You will find links for each days' postings, added daily throughout the month. If you'd prefer to have them delivered right to you, I invite you to enter your email address to the right ('Subscribe Here') and subscribe to the blog. That way, once a week, each post is delivered to your inbox in a single email over the weekend and you'll be sure not to miss a thing!

This week we will dig in to Truths relating to Identity, Vulnerability, Choosing Joy, and Kingdom Culture!  I hope you'll join me!


  1. Beautiful song, Karrilee. Thanks for sharing it.

    You might enjoy a bit of short fiction, in return...


    1. You were right... I DID enjoy it! :) Thanks for sharing - and stopping by! It's always nice to see you here, brother!

  2. An Amanda Cook video and song....I'm shocked! :p Yet another great song. It is so easy to forget that God is kind when we are going through storms.

  3. I love that He is kind. That is one of the ways I can tell it is His voice speaking to me, because He speaks to me in a kind voice.

    1. Oh yes and amen, Robyn! His voice is always kind!

  4. Amen Karrilee!!! Love those reminders!

    1. So good... and ones we all need from time to time, right? I so appreciate you coming along with me on this series! Last week was a bit heavy... this week will be lighter!

  5. Wow! What powerful lyrics! I'm so glad that he is not a tyrant king--and that even when we do wrong, love shines through his eyes.

    1. Right? Just when I think I have picked my favorite line from that song, another one stands out! She had me at "tyrant King" but then, "Your power doesn’t compensate for insecurity" - OH MY!!! So good!


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