October 6, 2015

31 Days of Truths We Know... A GUEST POST by Erika Morrison - DAY SIX

So if you follow me on Facebook or over on Twitter or Instagram... well then, you already know how much I loved this new book called Bandersnatch! My friend, Erika  wrote out her heart and this book, you guys! It is full of art and beauty and it's dripping in grace.

It will challenge and change you in all the best ways, and I am super honored to have her here today, sharing a bit of her lovely words about identity and living out loud who you really, really are! (Because hey... who among us doesn't forget THAT sometimes, too?  We will dive in to Identity a little later this month, but today, I am beside-myself excited to introduce you to The Life Artist, Erika Morrison:


The cardinals make it look so easy. The honeybees make it look so easy. The catfish and the black crow, the dairy cow and the cactus plant, all make being created appear effortless. They arise from the earth, do their beautiful, exclusive thing and die having fulfilled their fate.
None of nature seems to struggle to know who they are or what to do with themselves.
But humanity is the exception to nature’s rule because we’re individualized within our breed. We’re told by our mamas and mentors that--like snowflakes--no two of us are the same and that we each have a special purpose and part to play within the great Body of God.
(If your mama never told you this, consider yourself informed: YOU--your original cells and skin-print, guts and ingenuity--will never ever incarnate again. Do you believe it?)
So we struggle and seek and bald our knees asking variations of discovery-type questions (Who am I? Why am I here?) and if we’re semi-smart and moderately equipped we pay attention just enough to wake up piecemeal over years to the knowledge of our vital, indigenous selves.
And yet . . . even for all our wrestling and wondering, there are certain, abundant factors stacked against our waking up. We feel and fight the low ceiling of man made definitions, systems and institutions; we fight status quo, culture conformity, herd mentalities and more often than not, “The original shimmering self gets buried so deep that most of us end up hardly living out of it at all. Instead we live out of all our other selves, which we are constantly putting on and taking off like coats and hats against the world’s weather.” ~Frederick Buechner
So, let me ask you. Do you know something--anything--of your true, original, shimmering self?

I don’t mean: Coffee Drinker, Jesus Lover, Crossfitter, Writer, Wife, Mama.
Those are your interests and investments.
I do mean: Who are you undressed and naked of the things that tell you who you are?
Who are you before you became a Jesus lover or mother or husband?
Who are you without your church, your hobbies, your performances and projects?
I’m not talking about your confidence in saying, “I am a child of God”, either. What I am asking a quarter-dozen different ways is this: within the framework of being a child of God, what part of God do you represent? Do you know where you begin and where you end? Do you know the here-to-here of your uniqueness? Do you know, as John Duns Scotus puts it, your unusual, individual “thisness”?
I can’t resolve this question for you, I can only ask you if you’re interested. (Are you interested?)
I can only tell you that it is a good and right investment to spend the energy and time to learn who you are with nothing barnacled to your body, to learn what it is you bleed. Because you were enough on the day of your birth when you came to us stripped and slippery and squeezing absolutely nothing but your God-given glow.
And who you were on that born-day is also who you are now, but since you’ve been living on this planet long enough to learn how to read this article, then it follows that you’ve also lived here long enough to collect a few layers of horsefeathers and hogwash.
So, yet again, I’m inquiring: What is it that you see before the full-length bathroom mirror after you’ve divested of clothes and masks and hats and accessories and roles and beliefs and missions and persuaders and pressures--until you’re down to just your peeled nature, minus all the addons mixed in with your molecules?
Do you see somebody who was made with passion, on purpose, in earnest; fearfully and wonderfully, by a Maker with a brow bent in the center, two careful hands, a stitching kit and divine kiss?
Can you catch between your fingers even the tiniest fragment of self-knowledge, roll it around and put a word to it?
Your identity is a living organism and literally wishes to unfurl and spread from your center and who will care and who will lecture if you wander around a little bit every day to look for the unique shine of your own soul?
One of the central endeavors of the human experience is to consciously discover the intimacies of who we already are. As in: life is not about building an alternate name for ourselves; it’s about discovering the name we already have.
Will you, _______, rise from your own sacred ash?
Because the rest of us cannot afford to lose the length of your limbs or the cadence of your light or the rhythm of your ideas or the harmony of your creative force. The way you sway and smile, the awkward this and that and the other thing you do.
These are the days for opening our two clumsy hands before the wideness of life and the allure of a God who stops and starts our hearts. These are the days for rubbing our two imperfect sticks together so we can kindle another feeble, holy light from the deep within--each of us alone and also for each other.
There is no resolution to this quest; the only destination is the process. But I hope there’s a small spark here that will leave you wanting, that will leave you with a blue-fire lined in your spine, that will inspire a cellular, metamorphic process in you; an odyssey of the soul unique to you and your individual history, organisms, and experiences.
There is maybe a fine line between being lethargic about learning ourselves and not being self-obsessive and with that tension in mind, how do we begin (or continue) the process of unearthing and remembering the truth of our intrinsic selves?
Bandersnatch: An Invitation to Explore Your Unconventional Soul was written because sometimes we all need a little hand-holding and butt-nudging in our process; someone or something to come alongside us while we pick up our threads of soul discovery and travel from one dot and tittle to the next.
We are the Kingdom people and learning your own fingerprint is something of what it means for the Kingdom to come in response to an earth which groans forth it’s rolling desire for the great interlocking circle of contribution to reveal the luminous and loving Body of Christ and slowly, seriously--like it’s our destiny--set the world to rights.
Kingdom come. Which is to say: YOU, [be]come and carve your glorious, powerful, heaven-appointed meaning into the sides of rocks and communities and cities and skies.
Without being formulaic and without offering one-size-fits-all “how-to” steps, Bandersnatch is support material for your soul odyssey; a kind of field guide designed to come alongside the moment of your unfurling.

Come with me? And I will go with you and if you’re interested, you can order wherever books or ebooks are sold.

Or, if you’d like to read the first three chapters and just see if Bandersnatch is something for such a time as the hour you’re in, click HERE.
All my love, 
Erika Morrison

(So good, right?  You will fall in love with her, too! I just know it!)

One of the most powerful Truths that I think we all so often forget is the importance of knowing - truly knowing - who we are... and then being her (or him) out loud and with joy! 

We know the truth of how we were intricately created and fashioned by God... we want to know and believe the truth that we are special... 

...It's just that Sometimes We Forget!

As if Erika's words alone were not beautiful enough... there is this breathtaking Book Trailer to enjoy too!

Bandersnatch (Full Length Trailer) from Melissa Kane on Vimeo.

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  1. I love the title--from whence does it originate? My identify as a wife and mother and teacher are pretty developed, but one of my four butterfly wings has yet to unfurl ;)--my writer wing.

    1. Well Bandersnatch originates from Through the Looking Glass... it was a wild unconventional mythical creature... but it is also defined as a person with unconventional habits or ideas or attitudes... throughout the book, Erika takes on some words and shifts the meaning a bit and it will rock your world in how she does it and lives it out! She takes nouns and makes them verbs and oh my I hope we all Bandersnatch after reading this book!

  2. This is pretty powerful! As I was reading I was thinking about my daughters, and my nieces who are in that discovering-what-do-I-want-to-do-with-myself stages of life. But then it smacked me - I have lots of labels, you can read it in the about me section on our blog. But those labels are not who I am. I know, because I'm still looking.

    1. Erika is definitely pretty, and powerful, (and pretty powerful!) ;) This book is a must read for ALL of us... it challenges and changes us in all the best ways!

  3. Beautiful post. And I love that she shared the first four chapters so I can see if I will enjoy the book which I am pretty sure I will. I love that she included a Frederick Buechner quote too. He is one of my all time favorites. So much THIS: "We are the Kingdom people and learning your own fingerprint is something of what it means for the Kingdom to come in response to an earth which groans forth it’s rolling desire for the great interlocking circle of contribution to reveal the luminous and loving Body of Christ and slowly, seriously--like it’s our destiny--set the world to rights.of my all-time favorites." It is so easy to forget that truth, but I must cling to the promise of who and whose I will always be...a beloved child of God!

    1. She's pretty amazing... this book stretched and challenged me... convicted and convinced me... to be more like Jesus - like, for real. It's not easy... but it is right! ;) I think you'll love it!

  4. Such beautiful writing! You're right -- it's art. Makes me thirsty for more... and more time to drink it all in. Thank you for sharing this today.

    1. It was my honor! She truly is an artist, in oh so many ways! So glad you enjoyed it, Sarah Marie! (She is giving away a few copies on her blog today... you may want to head over and enter to win... she hangs out at www.erikamorrison.com!)


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