October 13, 2015

31 Days of Truths... Grace (for me) - DAY THIRTEEN

Abiding Love, Abounding Grace...
It's more than just the title of this blog. 

It's always the cry of my heart and a reminder of how I want to live my life! I want to abide in His Love and have His Grace abound in me... I cultivate a closeness that gives little room for anything else to lure me from the One I love.

Oh - there are distractions... there are weaknesses and circumstances and there are days and days that I am not so much abiding or abounding... 

But I try to be intentional in staying close to His pierced side and His poured out love. I love Him and I need His Grace... His Amazing Grace... and we all say, "Yes and Amen!"

Only here is the Truth that we Forget:

We cannot earn
His Gift of Grace!
He did all the work
that was needed!
We couldn't have done it
on our own anyway!

...it's just that sometimes we forget!

When we first come face to face with ourselves in light of --well, in light of Light Himself, we see clearly that we are desperate for a Savior. We come to Jesus knowing full well of our deep need of Him.  

We ask Him to come... to fill... to forgive... to accept.

Eventually we even ask Him to change us, to mold and shape us, to somehow use all of us, --our brokenness and our grace filled redeemed lives, too!

We desire to live with Him and for Him! We fall in love with who He is... we fall in love with Grace and how He freely pours it out and showers us with it, covering us, forgiving us, and making us new.

Then, when just a bit of the romance wears off, religion subtly walks in and takes center stage. We forget that this gift is free.  

We begin to identify a bit more with the Pharisees and the Sadducees than with the lost and the dying... --you know, the ones needing grace?  Yeah. Them.

(We'll talk about 'Them' tomorrow!)

Back to us... Back to Grace for us.

Grace begins to do His work in us, but soon we join in. (You know, to help!) We begin to clean ourselves up and pay more attention to the Law... we willingly put ourselves under the Old Covenant because it is there that we can compare and compete and really see how we are doing at nailing this Christian thing.

I mean - of course... we'd never say that! After all, who wants to identify with the Pharisees? Even so, we begin to feel like we need to earn Grace.  We forget that it is free... and we work to earn what was already given --what was already gifted.

We put around our own necks heavy weights and to-do lists (and to-don't lists) and we purpose in our hearts to make Him proud... to walk the line and to kill our flesh and to live up to the Law that He alone can fulfill.  We blindly follow the enemys' lead and we work for what we already have... for we want more. And we believe the lie that the only way to get more, is to work harder, longer, and prove that we are worth it.

We work and work and we repeat and justify that we are worthy because... (fill in your own blanks here... we've all got some!) 

We are worthy of grace because of what we do or what we don't do... because of how we vote or how we dress or our self-discipline or how we serve the church.  

We are good enough, yes! 
But it's not because of what we do...
it's because that is how He made us!

He made us good enough... and when we failed and fell short, He was not surprised! He already made a way for that too, and that way has little to do with us and everything to do with Christ.

Grace is free, yes! But it cost Him something! (read:everything)

We forget that Grace is free... and we can not earn it. We sort of like to earn it though because, as I said above, it's our measuring stick. It's how we (think we) know... 

But here's the thing:
Grace was already Gifted!
Our only response to such an extravagant offering is to gladly receive it, ravishly unwrap it, and passionately share its' beauty and truth with everyone around us!

Grace, in its' truest form, truly is Scandalous! 

No wonder the Pharisees didn't so much like it!  There is no earning it! (We knew this in the beginning... way back when we first fell in love with the Lover of our Soul...)

And once we grasp that truth yet again, we find the key to getting more grace...
"Saving is all his idea, and all his work. All we do is trust him enough to let him do it. It’s God’s gift from start to finish! We don’t play the major role. If we did, we’d probably go around bragging that we’d done the whole thing! No, we neither make nor save ourselves. God does both the making and saving."    Ephesians 2:8-9 The Message
The key to getting more grace is simple...
It's just saying "Yes! Please and Thank You! Yes Lord, I receive it!"

It turns out, along with the other Keys to the Kingdom, we've held the key marked Grace all the while...
  It's just that Sometimes We Forget!

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"We are good enough, yes! But it's not because of what we do... it's because that is how He made us!" #Write31Days @KarrileeA #Grace

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Grace is free and it's for us... for all of us. 
(We'll talk about them tomorrow. I hope you'll join me!)


  1. Love, Love, Love!!! :) THIS: "Grace was already Gifted! Our only response to such an extravagant offering is to gladly receive it, ravishly unwrap it, and passionately share its' beauty and truth with everyone around us!" Amen!

    1. I am always so honored to find you here, friend! You are faithful and encouraging and I know you know full well how hard this writing for 31 days gig is and yet still - you stop by and leave me some love! I am blessed! (and hopefully working on another piece on Grace soon!) ;)

  2. I think it's so easy to forget that grace is free because that concept is the opposite of what society teaches us. But we have been given a wonderful gift in Christ! Thanks for sharing this on the #RaRaLinkup Karrilee. Happy to be your neighbor. :) Have a blessed day and keep shining your light!

    1. Thanks so much Lauren! It's true... society tell us we get what we deserve! I'm so glad society is wrong!

  3. We can never have enough grace as far as I'm concerned. Good thing we have a big God who has limitless grace to give to all of us. Thank you for your beautiful words!

    1. I don't think we will ever have our fill! I can always use more - for me, and for others! xoxo

  4. Love this: "Grace begins to do His work in us, but soon we join in." Thank you for these reminders to live in grace! Leslie

    1. We like to think we are helping, right? As if... ;) Thanks so much for stopping by Leslie!

  5. Karrilee, grace, such a beautiful word. I can't go a day without it. May God continue to teach us to give it to others like He freely gives to us.

  6. Karrilee, thanks for the reminder. We don't seem to be able to stop ourselves from trying to get more grace. Today I will just say yes and receive it. What a gift.

    1. Amen, Shona! Yes, we receive it, Lord!

  7. As a closet legalist who struggles daily to squash my Judgy McJudgerton personality, I really needed this today! Legalism comes from a need to compete and thinking that we somehow deserve something. In reality, I am a dirty sinner, just like everyone else. And just like everyone else, I need grace. Thank you for reminding me!

    1. LOL! I read your post and your little Judgy McJudgerton self today! ;) I think we all fall prey to this... we all pitch in to 'help' a bit ...but we are all equally in need of His Gift of Grace! Luckily - He offers it to us all! (Over and over and over again!) Hallelujah!


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