October 25, 2018

DAY TWENTY FIVE of 31 Days of Becoming Queen of Giving the Benefit of the Doubt

Letting Go...

We wrapped up yesterdays' post on Making Amends saying that sometimes, after forgiveness and after attempting to repair the brokenness of a relationship or situation, we are called to simply let it go!  

This can be regarding a person or simply an offense...
and if we are doing it right, letting go of the offense should be the easier choice!

I mean, right?

We've all been in the flesh and it felt easier to just write off the person rather than the problem! But if we're letting Love lead us and if we're putting into practice all that we have covered so far (like not jumping to conclusions, not making up stories or ascribing intent, not being unwilling to listen and hear...) then we are acting on the high value that God puts on relationships.

The best solution is to release the Hurt,
not the Human... 

But there are times when you have done all you can do and in order for you to move on
--you have to let go!
Cue Frozen music... 
  Let It Go... Let It Go...

I know... I'm sorry... I couldn't NOT, right?

Letting it go requires releasing
the wounds and the war... 

It means we become
harder and harder to be offended, 
yet quicker and quicker to forgive!

It means we remember to live life
open-handed and open-hearted... 
'Palms up', as Bob Goff says.

It means we remember to value others,

without devaluing ourselves.

Letting Go
--whether it be a misunderstanding,
an offense, or a relationship--
means we have taken the situation to the Lord
and we have prayed... we have breathed
and calmed down and waited for clarity
--not reacting in the heat of the moment,
but later, in the cool of the day.

It means we have done all the steps
covered this week in the series
(forgiveness, healing, prayer, and making amends)
and we have released the weights
that tied us down and held us back
only to find a freedom and a lightness
that we didn't know we needed!

Letting Go means releasing the past fully
--the good and the hard parts--
so that our hands are wide open to receive
whatever is next!

We don't do it lightly or flippantly...
we don't do it while still
gaping open and bleeding out...
but there does come a time,
in some situations,
where God graces you the ability
to unclench your fists and your jaw
and let loose what was or what
should have or could have been,
in preparation for grabbing hold
of what is or what can or what will be...

And, from experience, I can tell you
there is Relief in the Releasing...
There is an awakening to just
how tense and how bound up
you really were when 
Freedom finally unfurls and
letting it go sets you free.

Come on back tomorrow for our last attempt at joining the one word prompt of Five Minute Friday with this series!

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  1. Now I'm singing Let it go too! :p

    1. #sorrynotsorry! Well... maybe a little sorry! ;)


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