October 3, 2018

DAY THREE of 31 Days of Becoming Queen of Giving the Benefit of the Doubt

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Believe the Best...

First off, let me just say this: I am well aware that yesterday's post was long with lots of words. Today (and the other days to follow!) I promise to not be so long-winded! Secondly... thanks for coming back and not being scared away!  

Honestly, I would rather not be doing this... 
There are others more capable, talented, educated, informed... 
and yet, because of the way I am wired 
(admittedly annoyingly super positive)
and because of the glaringly obvious
lack of Kindness going around
in our world right now, 
I could not deny the need for
a clarion call to Be Kind!

Somehow we have forgotten! Somehow we have drawn lines in the sand and we have picked sides on so many issues and we have stood up for rights and in the process trampled over others' rights in order to get what we think we deserve... 

I am not referencing anything specific here and I am not saying that at least some of these things aren't necessary and worthy causes.  We have a responsibility and a voice and we should use it!

But we should use it for good 
--and it should sound and look like it!
We should put words together
that are heartfelt and hopeful.
We should be willing --at least, willing!--
to Believe the Best.

I know... I do... 
Many start out that way
and then reality and lies and trickery unfold.
Cheating, cruelty, and anger arise...
Tempers get lost and before we know it
--well, before we know it,
we forget that we will be held accountable
for every. word. we. say.
...and we forget to care about that...
and we forget to let that sober and scare us a bit...
and we forget Who we are representing
and how He is our example (Dang it!)
and we forget to Be Kind!

Humans, man...
What was God thinking, right?

However, even with all of this being true, I think it is possible to still be effective (probably even more so, really.) and passionate and speak the truth while also being intentional about believing the best about someone or something.

I truly believe in the power of kindness
and of hope, Y'all!

I believe that we will find what we are looking for... (That, too, is in the Bible!) and I believe that people, more often than not, will actually rise to meet the expectations we set out for them when those expectations are realistic and drenched in grace and love!

So... tomorrow we will talk more about the power of positivity, 
but today we are talking about believing the best.

What does that even mean? 
What do you think of when you read that phrase
or hear someone saying it?

I think right now, many may read those words
and assume I am saying to not see the truth,
to turn a blind eye, to let 'boys be boys', etc.
Oh my goodness, no. 

To believe the best is to look for the good.
It doesn't mean the bad isn't there
or even that we deny it or hide it away.
We all know that has been happening
for way too long!

What I mean when I say Believe the Best is
that even though the worst may be visible,
even though the 'bad' is apparent,
looking for and believing in the best in someone
is what we are actually called to do! 

Nothing is beyond His reach. 
Nothing... No Thing...
and No One!

It's our call to look for the Gold in people! 
Anyone can see the dirt... 
Let's be people who actually
are known by our Love!
--whether or not we agree...

Whether or not I even like you...
I'm gonna purpose to love you... 
because Jesus --whom my goal is to be
becoming more and more like, loves you!

He loves you... and me... and 'them'... 
(whoever 'they' are!)

He Believes the Best,
and so should we!
It's not easy... but it is right.
Believing the Best... it's in the Bible, too!

It is part of the definition of what Love is and what Love does... 
"Love bears all things [regardless of what comes], believes all things [looking for the best in each one], hopes all things [remaining steadfast during difficult times], endures all things [without weakening]."                                                                                  ~ 1 Cor 13:7 Amplified
...and we are called to Become Love!
Again, not easy... but right.
(Thanks a lot, Bob Goff!)

This doesn't come naturally to us... 
it is a discipline and a practice
that we keep at with each new day.  

Eventually, it does get easier... until it's not. 
And then we start anew again!  

I'm so thankful that you are joining me this month as we dive into this topic. I've been purposefully walking this out and putting this into practice for a couple of decades...

My hope is that you will stick with me through this series, as we learn to be more mindful of trying to be kind and believing the best, and hopefully, along the way,  we will all Become Queens of Giving the Benefit of the Doubt!

Check in tomorrow for more on Focusing on the Positive!


  1. Thank you for the challenge to be kind and believe the best!!!

    1. I think we all could use reminders, right? Thanks so much for stopping by, Tammy!

  2. Great idea, but you have to use wisdom, hoping to see good in someone doesn't make it so, even in faith, there is still free will. I see people choose wrong everyday.

    1. Yes... of course! We are not talking wishful thinking here... or even excusing poor behavior! This is more a call to remember to see others through Jesus' eyes --who knows better than us what their shortcomings and mistakes may be and yet still calls forth the Gold and loves 'them' (and us!) so well!

      Thanks so much for stopping by, Rebecca!

  3. This world would be a much different place if we were all show a little kindness. It really does go a long way. Blessings!

    1. Truly, it would! And I think we run into the lack and then refuse to go first... Thanks so much for stopping by, sweet friend!

  4. Kill em with kindness, eh? I think there's so much truth to that phrase. Kindness makes a huge difference. But why is thr church sometimes the worst at this? Pitting ourselves against one another? Let's choose kindness instead!

    1. I have hope that we can get back to this! After all, Jesus said they would know us by our love... that's gonna take a whole lot of Giving the Benefit of the Doubt and a whole lot of Love and Kindness! (We just have to be willing to go first!) I know you are with me in this willingness, my friend!


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