October 2, 2016

DAY TWO of 31 Days of Life Happens... and so We Pray! - Listening Prayer

I stated yesterday that we would be practicing Listening Prayer together on Sundays, because --well, hello Sabbath!

Plus this: I don't know how hectic and busy (and loud!) your Sundays may be, but I know mine tend to be a (mostly) glorious combination of all three!

If you are not familiar with what Listening Prayer is, I wrote a post about that in a previous 31 Days Series on Encountering God, but here is a little excerpt:
"...when you practice Listening Prayer - you tune your ears to hear His still small voice and you discover that as much as you long to hear from Him... He longs to be heard - and He IS speaking!

Listening Prayer is simply approaching prayer as a conversation!  We all know how to come before God and ask Him for stuff... if we have walked with Him for any amount of time, we even know of the importance of thanking Him for stuff too... but to come before Him, quiet ourselves... and ask Him something... then wait.  No - I mean... like quiet our thoughts and still our bodies and actually wait... listening for His response... 

We are way too quick to disregard His Voice... thinking it is just our own silly thinking... or we are making it up... or fill in the blank.  But rest assured... there is such a thing as Practicing His Presence and when we learn to wait on Him... we tune our hearts and ears to the frequency and we learn to discern when it is Him and what He is saying.  
He lives within you and He is ever Present... and the Good News really IS good news because He is in a good mood and He desires to not only hear your heart... to not only heal your heart... but He desires to be heard.  In the Word... yes.  Through your Pastor and other mentors/disciples/friends... of course!  But one on one... intimately... He desires to sing over you and have you actually HEAR Him. Mostly - it's not audible... but you can train your ears through practice and stirring up your faith to hear His still small voice! 
If you are not used to this... it really can feel like you are just making it up. Just let it flow... the more you listen and expect your prayer life to be a two way conversation... the more you will be amazed at how much He has to say!"
So now that we have explained it... let's DO it!

I tend to enjoy a little soft worship music in the background, with pen and paper in hand, but that is because I am a writer. You may prefer quiet and to just slow your mind as you inhale fully and close your eyes to block out any distractions!

Let's open in prayer, ask Him a question, and wait to hear his response!

Father God,
We come before You today
and first and foremost,
we want to thank You!
Thank You for caring for us,
for always drawing near to us.
Thank You for welcoming us in
with open arms, 
and speaking to us with such
kindness, grace, and love!

We desire to lean in to You,
to lay down our burdens
and all the things that weigh us down.
We long to hear your Voice
and to be still and know that
You are God.

As we settle our hearts
and calm our minds,
we breathe in deep,
and let all worry and stress go.
We look to you, Jesus,
the Author and Finisher of our faith,
and we ask you to speak...

Holy Spirit, what is it that you
want me to know about prayer?
What is it that blesses your heart
when I come to you in prayer?

I quiet my soul,
and rest in you...
believing you are speaking,
revealing all truth!

In Jesus' Name,

I'd love to hear what He revealed to you in prayer, if you would be so bold to share! Sometimes it is personal, and I respect that... but sometimes it is a transformative, revelatory word that is true for all of us and we are gathered here together this month to pray and learn!

For me? He simply reminded me of the joy that stirs in His heart when He hears my voice calling for Him... (I'm certain He feels the same about hearing yours!)

 Today is Day Two of 31 Days of Life Happens...and so We Pray! If you missed the kick-off and official 'Home page' for this series, you can go HERE and catch up! You will find links for each days' postings, added daily throughout the month. If you'd prefer to have them delivered right to you, I invite you to enter your email address to the right ('Subscribe Here') and subscribe to the blog. That way, once a week, each post is delivered to your inbox in a single email over the weekend and you'll be sure not to miss a thing!


  1. Ooh how I love this friend...and YOU!

  2. I love the idea of a regular Listening Prayer, an intention to move ourselves out of the way to hear the still small voice! What a special reminder as I seek God's will in my life daily, this is a wonderful reminder of really deepening my listening ear.. we surely want to hear what our God has to say! I also love your prayer to center into the Listening Prayer. Beautiful! Have a blessed week! I alwasy love visiting when I can!

    1. Thanks so much, Kathy! Praying blessings over your week as well!


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