October 14, 2016

DAY FOURTEEN of 31 Days of Life Happens... and so We Pray! MAIL - a Five Minute Friday Post.

I always know it's a risk to plan to stick with Five Minute Fridays in the midst of writing a series... but God gave me the outline and He allowed for these Five Minutes prompts, so we will trust that He knows what He's doing... 

This is Five Minute Friday (- a five minute timed free write) and our One Word Prompt for the day is: MAIL


In yesterdays' post about parenting teens, I tapped out this:
We can raise Tinies to be Littles and Littles to be Not So Littles and Teenagers to be Adults that we would actually want to have as friends! I can attest to you that this can be done!

And through every season, we get to be the ones who love them --always; who speak life and shine on and point them to the One who loves them best and who has a plan and a purpose that is created just for them!
 Yes. That.

The one word prompt is Mail and all I can think about is the first time I mailed my Girlie a card and had to write a different address on the envelope. 

She was going through a tough time and even though I had prayed for her, with her even... even though she lived, technically, just down the road... I took the time to pick out a card, write out a little prayer and a word of encouragement, attach a stamp, and send it off. 

It was a chance to speak life, to shine on, to be love, and to point her to the One who held the answers to the questions her heart was asking. It was an opportunity to remind her of what she already knew --but in learning how to adult, she had forgotten!

She lived with roommates and who could know when they remembered to check the mail, but I trusted that she would get that card at just the right time!

You see, I had long been a believer and participator in what I called a Prophetic Card Ministry! 

I remembered how it first began... over 20 years ago.  Out of the blue, the Holy Spirit would tell me that something was going on with someone.  Somehow, I would know when Life was Happening and God would prompt me to send a card --sometimes to a friend or family member, but sometimes it was to someone from church that I didn't really know. 

Often times, I didn't really know what -if anything- was going on, but I knew well the pull to write down words of encouragement on actual paper as I lifted up words of prayer! Whenever that pull would hit, I would find a card or write a note and drop it off in the mail... waiting to see how God would bless.

God's timing would deliver it to the intended recipient at just the right moment --when it was most needed and often times felt like answered prayer!

It wasn't me, really! 
It was Him!

When Life Happens, He will use all kinds of creative ways to get us to turn to Him in prayer.

When my girlie moved out, I loved dropping little cards and notes in the mail!  

My Honey and I do that around the house and in our cars, as well! We are a family well versed in the Love Language of Words of Affirmation and we are fluent in the language of encouragement and prayer!

Life Happens sometimes just in the act of getting the mail, amen? Bills come in... junk mail piles up... 

How often do we actually get something we want --something that our heart needs-- delivered right to our homes? 


How long has it been since you have sent a real, old fashioned card in the mail? I'm not even talking about a birthday card... just a For No Reason kind of card? An I'm So Glad We're Friends card or a Thinking of You card? Who doesn't love to get some Happy Mail from time to time? Can I encourage you to grab a few cards... they can be fancy, they can be handmade, they can be blank note cards, --it can even be a handwritten note in plain old paper... pray about who may need a little encouragement, a Scripture, or a blessing. And then follow through! You'll be blessed as much as they are... knowing that God used you to speak to them... knowing that when Life Happened for someone else, you were able to come alongside them in prayer.

And speaking of prayer... 

Friends, I am honored to also be over at Joy of the Spirit Within today, sharing about a real life Miracle that happened over 20 years ago through prayer and how it changed the way I pray from that day forward! I'd love for you to join me there!

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We'd love to have you join us!

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  1. Hey Karrilee! I was thinking about you this morning - and saw your story on Anna's Blog (mine was on Wednesday!) and now you aremy neighbor at FMF this week, mmmmmmm - not a coincidence so I just need to go with the God nudge here. Okay first - I love your post above and yes I actually just sent two things off in the mail yesterday for two different people, I just felt Father nudging me to do so and I am so excited that they will be surprised hehe. I am a believer in the prophetic card ministry too, wooohooo!! OKay and second - I am so sorry to hear about your car, my heart was so broken for you. Big Hugs and then lastly - the nudge from God, It has been laid on my heart to do a one week of "meaningful poetry" on my blog from 2 - 9 November. It's all about connecting, sharing a poem you have written as well as a poem that means something to you and why it does. It is not complicated at all, just something that you have written even a tiny riddle, or prose. So I felt led to ask you - let me know just comment somewhere on my blog and I'll FB you! Much love Aliyah (setapartwarrior.blogspot.co.za)

    1. Sorry not car I meant cat JOnah Boy! Type!

    2. Aliyah! I love how God connects us and brings people to mind... I love that we are kindred in our Prophetic Card Ministry, as well as other areas! And I love that you mentioned the passing of our beloved Jonah Boy! It's been an adjustment and there are moments that we are surprised at the grief that surfaces when we are missing him... but we have peace in knowing it truly was the best and only choice.

      Lastly - I will go comment on your blog but Yes... I would be honored to share a poem! Thanks so much for thinking of me!


  2. I love giving and even receiving real mail. I too often feel a prompting to send something to someone too. Love watching how God blesses through me, my words. Etc.

    1. And, of course, this does not surprise me! #Kindred

  3. I would love to start sending prophetic cards. That sounds like a God given ministry idea for sure. Also, I'm a words of affirmation girl too! 100%.

    1. I am praying for you, Natalie! That you would begin to feel or recognize the prompting to send a little encouragement through the mail... and that as you sit down to write, the Lord will give you words to say that the recipient is longing and needing to hear! xoxo


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