February 18, 2016

Forget - A Five Minute Friday post

It has been weeks, maybe even a month or more, since I have made my way over to Twitter land and hung out for #fmfparty on Thursday nights. It's not for lack of wanting... but life, man! It's been full.  It was nice to pop in tonight for a few and reconnect with my tribe!

This stepping back and creating some breathing room that equals less time in front of this screen has been oh so good - but I miss my people... so, once again, it's all about balance!

But enough about me...

This is Five Minute Friday (- a five minute timed free write) and our One Word Prompt for the day is: FORGET


So we all forget things, right? 

Little things. Big things.

Things that we just learned or truths that we have known for most of our days. 

Life is busy full, and we cram a lot into any given day and sometimes our minds simply go blank for a minute or two... or it that just me? I hope not. I wrote a whole 31Days series about that.

Tonight, however, I am going to go with a Throwback Thursday theme of a different kind... 

I'm kickin' it old school and talking about my girlie.

She is the best thing that I have ever done and, in most ways, is all grown up now and moved away.

She has found that Adulting is hard and some days she is nailing it and some days - well, like the rest of us... not so much!

If given half the chance, my Mama heart can give way to worry...

I can fret over choices or decisions... over lack or need.  

I can miss the days when she was under our roof and under our care and safe under our wings... when I knew who her friends were and where they were going and how they were spending their time.

I can allow my thoughts to push grace aside and I can choose to let my imagination to go in all the wrong directions and make room for all kinds of scenarios that are far fetched - or maybe not so far fetched... 

But all of that stems from this:
   Sometimes I forget!

I forget that she was never really mine anyway.

I forget that as much as I love being her Mom, even I don't always have all the answers... 

...as much as I love her, 
HE loves her even more!

I forget that she is smart and kind and loving... 

I forget that we poured in to her truth and grace and all the wisdom we could manage... 

We gave her Jesus and introduced her to Holy Spirit and we taught her and showed her and walked out a life that points her to the fact that God is a good, good Father

I forget that even when I can't quite reach her and pull her close, He has her in the palm of His nail scarred hands!

It can feel more productive to worry and to try to accomplish things on my own... but I know that that is a lie...

I know rather than wringing my hands, it is more effective to bend my knees.

As much as there are some days when I really just want to hold on, I know it is more Kingdom to let go and let God... 

It's just that sometimes I forget!


I should state that, honestly, my girlie is fine!  She is really one of my favorite humans... I guess I am just missing her today.  We are gearing up to hit the road for a day or two and as much as I am loving this Empty Nester Life, it does make me miss the olden days when she would be fast asleep in the backseat before we ever pulled out of the driveway!

Add to any given normal day, a few days out of town and the temptation to give over to fleshly worry is stronger... especially when I forget that she's always been His anyway - and He takes much better care of her than I ever, ever could!

Happy Weekend, y'all!

Let's purpose to:

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  1. Oh friend love this post from your momma heart. She is indeed in God's capable hands. It's just that sometimes you forget. You and your hubby taught her so many wonderful things too. She is really a gift. Love ya friend!

    1. (I see what you did there! You quoted me back to me!) ;) And truly - she really IS such a gift! xoxo

  2. The very hardest gift to give, yes I say gift you can give your adult children is to give them the right to make their own choices and the time they need to learn from them on their own. Sometimes this mother still misses when her three girls were at home safe at night in our loving care...this part of motherhood is a challenge...this loving so much and letting go....and learning to love some more in a different way.

    1. Amen, Mom! I love you so! xoxo
      ~Your favorite! ;)

      (It's my blog... so I can say what I want... plus I'm the baby, so...)

  3. Karrilee, you are doing this marvelously. I love your transparency. I have a friend who is letting go of two kiddos almost at the same time, and it's been hard for her. Like you, she's trying to hold them with an open hand. Our children are gifts to us, not possessions for us. Thank you for that reminder. :)

    I loved this line: "As much as there are some days when I really just want to hold on, I know it is more Kingdom to let go and let God..."

    1. Thanks so much, Jeanne! It's not easy... and since I have an Only... I don't get a practice round first! ;)

  4. Gorgeous tribute to motherhood and faith, friend. So inspired by you. :)

    1. Thanks, sweet friend! He leads, we follow... yes?

  5. this is so very beautiful! Yes, God trusts us enough to let us borrow His offspring for a while. Would you believe I'm your FMF neighbor again? Parked in spot #15 and here's a direct link: FMF: Forget.

    See you next week I hope!

    1. Nice! So glad we are neighbors! I'm off to read your post! Thanks so much for stopping by again!

  6. This a really sweet tribute to your now grown daughter. I can wait til my leaves the nest LOL. I will not forget her beauty, laughter, and love. Like you, I will not forget she belongs to Him. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Thanks Mary! There really is a LOT of Grace and there are so many great parts of the empty nester life... but it IS an adjustment and it does take awhile to settle in to a new normal! Plus it forces you to trust Him with them more than we tend to when we are fooled into thinking that we are in charge! ;)

  7. Such a beautiful daughter! You did good, Karrilee. What a wonderful post. God knows I can sure use this is encouragement when it comes to my own little girl (okay, technically 25 isn't little anymore I guess, but still...). It is so hard not to fret sometimes, isn't it?

    ~#89 this week

    1. Letting Go is some of the hardest parenting ever, am I right Lynette? But it's only when we truly let go do we get to see them fly free!


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