October 27, 2015

31 Days of Truths... The Power of Prayer (for others!) - DAY TWENTY SEVEN

Yesterday we talked about the Power of Prayer and we talked about the importance of being real and vulnerable and praying for ourselvesI think so often we can approach prayer as a gift for others - and it is! But Jesus wants us to give over our own burdens, too! So we touched on the importance of not just handling our own issues by ourselves but giving them over to Him in prayer.

Today... we will talk about this Truth:

The Power of Praying for others
is an honor and a gift.
And when we do it,
we are partnering
with God...

It's just that Sometimes We Forget!

It's true... so often when we find ourselves literally or figuratively on our knees in prayer, we forget that Jesus is already there praying.  We just get to join in!

We are called to pray for ourselves, yes, but we're also called to stand beside others and lift them up... hold their arms, when they are weary... 
It turned out that whenever Moses raised his hands, Israel was winning, but whenever he lowered his hands, Amalek was winning. But Moses’ hands got tired. So they got a stone and set it under him. He sat on it and Aaron and Hur held up his hands, one on each side. So his hands remained steady until the sun went down. Joshua defeated Amalek and its army in battle.”              Exodus 17:11-13 The Message
This is where the Body comes in handy... where the importance of family and friendships come into view and we remember that we are not called to carry our burdens alone!

No, we were created for relationships! We are to surround ourselves with a few intimate connections who will see right through our I'm fine.'s and press in close... who will lift up our hands and our heads, and take us to the Father.  

I believe in the power of agreement and I know that not everyone can be trusted with your most urgent needs. But I pray that you have a few who you can be vulnerable and honest with -whether it's a health issue, or finances, marriage or kids, or a crisis of faith... whatever it may be, I pray you have someone with whom you can look in the eyes and connect hearts and come in agreement together with, as you boldly approach the throne of grace. 

There is no reason to hesitate or hold back! God is for you... He is, right now, making intercession for you and longing for you to come to Him!

I am an Intercessor.  I have been given a call to pray for others - some of whom I know... many of whom I may never meet, at least not on this side of heaven. 

I remember first stepping in to intercessory prayer and the joy I felt when praying with people at church... when friends would call at all hours of the night in need of support and love... when being awakened at 3 a.m. praying for unknown people and far away nations... all the while, feeling the heart of the Father urge me on in prayer.

Have you felt that? That burning... that pulling... that prompting to pray for others --with others. Do you find yourself praying for situations and people groups that you do not know?  Here's the thing: We have all been called to be like Aaron and Hur... to come alongside... to lift up... for it is when we are connected and praying in agreement, that Power shows up (and sometimes, even shows off a bit, too!)

I love to pray and, for me, more often than not I find a gift of faith rising up as my words pour out.  I have seen countless answers to prayer and continue to step out on shaky knees with a yielded heart in asking for those big bold things.  

We have seen cancer healed, backs put back into place, sicknesses and diseases flee. We have prayed for new lungs and new legs and a new awareness of His Presence and great Love --and oh my goodness, you guys, how we have seen Him answer!  

Not all of our prayers... there is no magic formula or specific words to say. We cannot twist His arm, but we have His heart!

We have prayed for healing and not seen it manifest. We have prayed for resurrection and watched in hope and anticipation, while the dead remained dead.  We have prayed for kids to come home, for family to get saved, for finances to stretch and for jobs and provisions and paths to appear out of nowhere. Sometimes we have seen the answer right away, but sometimes we have to wait... to hope... to trust that the One who poured Himself out for us and who prays for us still, is hearing and knowing and actively working to make all things beautiful... --you know, eventually!

Eventually, we will see that His promises are Yes and Amen and He truly does make all things work together for our good...

        ...It's just that sometimes we forget!

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"There's no reason to hesitate... God is for you. He's, right now, making intercession for you & longing for you to come to Him!" @KarrileeA

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  1. What a gift to pray for others. Thank you, friend, for this beautiful post, filled with truth. Love your series! After October is over, I plan to come back and read all of them. God bless you. Finish strong!

    1. I know, right? There are so many great series going on and you can't possibly read all of them when you are writing one too! I have hopes of catching up in November and December myself! Thanks for stopping by! xoxo

  2. Thanks Karrilee :D Great post with some great reminders about one of the most blessed things we are able to do through God... PRAY! Have a blessed day.

    1. Amen! It really is an honor and He would partner with us and pray! Thanks so much for popping on over today!

  3. Too many comments to write. And, YES, to everything you say. The most amazing though is that Jesus Christ Himself sits at the right hand of The Father and intercedes on our behalf. To quote a friend, "GAH GAH GAH!" xo

  4. So true, Karrilee. We don't have to give our all to everyone, but we do need those trusted few that can pray with us, hold us accountable, and walk the faith journey with us. It's so vital to have that face to face fellowship, those soft places to land when it's hard to find Jesus in the midst. Great post, friend!

    1. That is key, isn't? To have those few close connections with whom you can be honest and real with each other! Amen for being a soft place to land when it feels hard to find Jesus!

  5. Love, love, love! It truly is an honor and a privilege to be an intercessor on behalf of others. I never imagined that when I started praying through my Facebook friends list during Lent five years ago, the way I would be blessed and see God's hand at work. God's hand was indeed at work in so many and various ways. I am also very thankful that I have friends who will intercess on my behalf too because so often I forget to pray for myself. So much THIS: "I love to pray and, for me, more often than not I find a gift of faith rising up as my words pour out. I have seen countless answers to prayer and continue to step out on shaky knees with a yielded heart in asking for those big bold things" That sentence speaks to my heart because they capture for me what it is like for me to pray for others.

    1. Ah yes... kindred, yet again... praying through your friends list! I love that you do that! (And He does too!)

  6. What a spiritual gift ..being pulled to desire to pray for others! Being filled by the spirit to intercede! I can imagine your prayers are hearty--I will try to remember to call on you should have a prayer need!! I do pray quietly for people, but it doesn't come easy to me. But I do believe in the power of prayer, and holding one another in prayer is the greatest gift. As you said, we are not meant to be alone..as an introvert, I tend to isolate and forget I'm part of this larger family of God's servants like you who are blessed by holding sisters and brothers in Christ in prayer!! Thank you for the beautiful reminder!

    1. Aw Kathy... it really is my honor to pray! And I get those Introvert ways... in fact next week I am traveling to a conference and will be in close quarters (car and house and conference time) with 5 other people... all of whom I adore! Let's pray that is still the case after 5 days! ;)


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