May 12, 2006

Free Us, Oh Lord!

"Free us, Oh Lord!!!"

This is what I keep hearing in my spirit... I cannot shake it! A few weeks ago, on my way to a prayer meeting, the Lord gave me a Song. He had given me this 'tune' in Intercession a few months ago. In fact, I hummed the tune literally for HOURS. The tune was SO familiar to me, but I can't place it or know the words. That day on my way to prayer, I had been praying in the Spirit and then began singing words... it was only later that I realized that is was the same tune!

"Free us, Oh Lord! Free us, Oh Lord! Free us, Oh Lord, to be with You!
Free us, Oh Lord - from our inhibitions, from fear of man, instead of God, from lies & deceptions. Free us, Oh Lord! Free us, Oh Lord! Free us, Oh Lord, to be with You!
Free us, Oh Lord - from our own perspectives, our misconceptions, & ties that bind, from sickeness & diseases..."

The words kept coming... of course - I was driving and didn't write them all down! This morning as I was preparing to meet with a friend, the same tune came back to me and the words changed to "Heal us, Oh Lord..." It is, I believe, a song of intercession... You have to know that I am not musical... I can not sing - at least not well - and have not ever attempted to write lyrics to a song or anything. That is my husband's gifting and he is anointed in worship and writing. But this thing is bigger than me - and is tied to intercession... I believe it is lining up with His will for us when I begin to sing out these words... these are all things that He is desiring to do within each of us... to Free us, to be with Him... to Heal us, to live for Him...

This is a Sound from Heaven... and if He will do it for me, He will do it for you! I pray that He puts a new song in your heart and gives you your own song of intercession that will call forth healing & wholeness... ultimately releasing that Abiding Love & Abounding Grace!


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